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Interview Q & A with J E Honey


Q. Considering your lifetime experience in healing and in the occult, why do you write novels in lieu of non-fiction works on these subjects?

A. Because the reality is harder to accept or because it is more fun or because, what was the question again?


Q.  This is the third book on the Way of the Wizards series, who has changed more, the wizards and their apprentices or you?

A.  Me for there is much less of me than when I started and a lot more of them.


Q. How well do you feel the Wizards are coping with all the changes happening within Pearland?

A. Better than they would have thought except for Jack who knew how they would cope.


Q. If any of the characters were originally based on real people, does the literary development of the character match that of the real person?  If so, how and if not, how does it differ and why?

A. Most of them come from real people and most of them are now dead unlike me who is still alive they change and go on beyond where they started and they often surprise me with how they respond.


Q. Where would you say your book stands in the fantasy genre?

A. My response to that is, under H. But if you were to take Lord of the Rings at the top, Harry Potter at the bottom, Alice in Wonderland to the left, and Discworld to the right, the Wizards should fit somewhere in the middle. Now just because one's at the top and one's at the bottom doesn't mean that one's at the top and one's at the bottom as in order of importance only that they where they are and can change places, but I'm not going to say that because it gets too complicated.


Q. Who is the book written for?

A. I thought I wrote it as a way to thank all the people who have written any of the millions of the books that have taken me past my train or bus stop, or helped my life to be that much better. But in reality, I wrote it because the wizards told me to.

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