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"Things we better before they had any of us"  Frank, Wizards of Pearland

"Never judge a book by its cover or a Wizard by its size and shape." - Roger, Wizard of Pearland

New Arrivals



Book III in the series finds Wizards, children, farmers, child-minders, magical spells, and communication problems all finding their rhythm and managing to live together in an ever expanding Pearland.  But Pearland is not quite done adding to its list of new residents and new experiences to enjoy.  Its once barren landscape has started to change as its residents change requiring greater diversity, understanding and stones. Stones?  Yes, you'll understand more as you read the book.  With all the change that is happening, what remains ever constant in the land known as Pearland is that it always manages somehow to make room for more. More characters, more whimsy, and more magic imbued information for all its wonderful residents and for you, its readers. 


New Beginings


Book II in the series begins with six young apprentices settling in to learn wizard magic from their appointed Wizard.  Each of the new apprentices are very different from one another and react to their new and different living environment by fighting with or ignoring one another.  The Wizards decide that a child-minder is needed to help provide order and consistency in the young apprentices lives when they are not learning from their Wizard.  But finding the right person, who is willing to care for unsettled children, interact with eccentric Wizards, and make a home in the barren landscape that is Pearland proves harder than the Wizard's expected.


New Blood


Book I of the series begins with the growing realization among the Wizards of Pearland that without apprentices to pass along their traditions and knowledge, it will die as they do.  Committed to avoiding the eradicaton of their ways, they decide to send chosen Wizards out into the world to find apprentices candidates that have the right spirit and ability to learm in new and different ways.  Adventures begin as Wizards, who for as long as they can remember communicated telepathically, have to use their words and memoires of customs and people to find and talk to would-be apprentices. It gets increasing interesting as more than a few candidates found and brought back to Pearland are girls and teaching girls the arts of wizardry are not known to be done or even attempted by this lot.  It is a story that highlights how successfuly keeping knowledge in tact and while allowing its natural progression requires the flexibity of spirit and a willingness to adapt, grow and change outlooks, perceptions and ideas of how things should be, so that they can be accepted and so understood as they are. 

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