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How the drawings of each wizard came to be

Because there are so many Pearland wizards we needed some way to tell them apart. They all wear robes and most have facial hair and as they have lived around each other for so long they have picked up some of each others habits. So We needed an artist who was able to show us their image.

These were created by Cari Jones and later after much moving on my part were cleaned up by Amelia Beamer.

On the whole the wizards were happy with their images even if most of them did not recognize themselves for most of them had stopped looking in mirrors.

This is Bill. Bill is middle aged for a wizard and taller than some and not as tall as others. He is kind and open to new things. On the whole he is easy going and nice. There was a long period when the wizards stopped using words and instead used mental communication. This suited Bill for it conveyed emotions and pictures as well as words and sounds. When they obtained apprentices they had to start talking again which was harder for some the for others. Bill still feels that his words alone do not say what he intends and formed the habit of adding, and that, at the end of his sentences to try to say that he meant more than he had said.

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